Junior Golf Performance Centre

at Yorkshire Golf Academy

Grass Roots Programme

Aimed at the younger junior golfer (typically aged 6+) , this programme is designed to offer a fun, interactive experience that delivers not only golf skills but all round sporting skills.

Our sessions will typically contain many other activities that compliment golf allowing the children to feel comfortable and have some fun whilst learning golf at the same time. With a strong emphasis on building fundamental movement skills the coaches can then look to develop more golf specific skills once this underlying foundation has been made.

With a small coach to pupil ratio (1:6) it means we can offer plenty of individual coaching to your child to help them.

Grass Roots - Junior Golf

One of the most important parts of the programme is being able to offer juniors the chance to actually play on a “real” golf course! Too often children are simply lined up in large groups, focusing on basic technique such as grips and postures and never get the opportunity to actually play on the course.

Our junior programme will offer regular playing opportunities on the golf course whereby children play a course based on their individual needs. Using a simple grading system, we assign juniors a golf course that is based on how far THEY hit the golf ball.

As they grow, the course grows! It happens in all other sports from football though to rugby so we feel that golf should be no different! Children should not be treated as mini adults, so when they feel confident enough to move back to a longer course they can do. We often leave the decision in their hands which gives the children a sense of ownership!

Along the journey the the juniors will be using the Junior Golf Passport to monitor their progress, take notes and play some fun games in between lessons! This Junior Golf Passport is the national scheme set out by The Golf Foundation and each junior will have their own golfing book as well as an online locker to keep updated including fun games and challenges!

To find out more , or to book your child onto our programme please email info@yorkshiregolfacademy.co.uk

Junior Talent School 2020

Does your child have a passion for golf and is already playing on the course?

Do they love the game so much they would play every day if they could?

Perhaps they have a handicap and love to play in competitions?

Maybe they already know that they want to forge a career in golf?

If this is your child then the Junior Talent School is for them!

The Junior Talent School will be launching on Saturday 4th April here at the stunning Moor Allerton GC.

The sessions will have a basic structure where juniors (dependant on numbers) will be allocated games and challenges to play on the range/short game areas and rotate during the first part of the sessions. These will be tough, competitive games but will always have a fun element to them. It gives juniors a chance to take home some new practice games and challenges as well as exploring different processes, not to mention the benefits of competing against each other. 
The second half of the sessions will be on course (in all conditions 😉 )  competing against each other. We will look to group children in such a way as to hopefully make it challenging but not daunting if that makes sense. The rules of the on course games will vary from session to session. Some will revolve around making as many gross/nett birdies as possible, whilst others will have subtle constraints placed on the games to induce pressure and that tournament like feeling. Hole lengths will be altered according to standards of play. 
Some weeks we have special guests lined up such as ex professional athletes/ external experts to talk to the juniors and parents before heading onto the course. 
The underlying idea is to form strong competitive bonds with juniors, allow them to experiment without fear of failure and push themselves. We also want to provide a platform for parents to discuss with myself and each other the junior golfers journey. 
Further dates we have planned are as follows:
25th April 1pm-4.30pm
23rd May
20th June
25th July
15th August
12th September

To find out more , or to book your child onto this programme please email info@yorkshiregolfacademy.co.uk

Junior Tournaments and Events

Allowing junior golfers the opportunity to REGULARLY play on a course is vitally important. In all other sports, children get to compete from a young age and these opportunities enhance their sporting skills as well as aiding their social development.

We absolutely appreciate that children are simply not mini adults, so we have designed a level of competition that suits the child’s INDIVIDUAL needs. Using a modified golf course colour coding system, the golfers start from one of 4 possible points on each hole. As they get bigger and stronger, the course gets longer similar to grass roots football and rugby.

Using the fabulous Moor Allerton Golf Club as our base, we are aiming to get together as often as possible! Generally played on Saturday/Sunday afternoons our events are open to ALL junior golfers here at the academy as well as those taking lessons elsewhere. We are simply here to provide a playing opportunity for junior golfers! The events are usually played over 9 holes, however some younger children may choose to play less than this. The entry fee for each event is £5 and this includes a gift for every player prior to teeing off as well as prizes for the winners!! All juniors need is a few clubs to play with and a parent to talk around to help carry golf bags and offer advice when marking the score cards.

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t have his/her set of clubs just yet, we can source some for you to borrow!

2020 Events 

18th April  – From 2.30pm
9th  May – From 3.30pm
30th May
14th June
27th June
11th July
18th July
1st August
22nd August
19th September
26th September

To enter your child simply email Jonathan at info@yorkshiregolfacademy.co.uk with your childs name, age and the approximate distance they hit their driver! All entrants will be allocated an official tee off time which will be emailed out approximately 3 days prior to the event!